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Our Story

Epidermasters™ spa and skincare product line was created for the everyday use of the self-care and wellness aware individual. We understand how important self-longevity & maintenance is and we have designed spa services and at-home skincare routines to ensure the best products & services are used on each individual and their skin. Epidermasters™ products were designed by Milinda Á.A. Smith, a licensed esthetician who has a background in science from formal education and ayurveda due to her East Indian heritage.

Epidermasters™ at-home products can be used in conjunction with your current routine; however, our products were designed to replace some of the chemical-filled products that could be negatively affecting your skin & wellness long-term. We focus our products on the beauty of self now but, also the beauty and wellness of ourselves tomorrow. Longevity is the key and proper self-care requires proper products that focus on just that! 

Epidermasters™ skincare products are safe for use on the entire family and their array of skin types from dry to oily. Our products span from face masks and soaps to all-natural moisturizing & soothing hand and body lotions.

Epidermasters™ has an ever-growing community of 400+ beauty and wellness followers on @epidermasters who not only utilize our at-home skincare regimen but also our in-spa services.

At Epidermasters™ spa locations you are able to schedule professional services that are tailored to your skin needs, self-care & skincare goals (services range from massages/body contouring & chemical peels to our age-smart maintenance “Fountain of Youth” Facial Treatment – Explore Spa Services). You are also able to purchase products directly from our gift shop for at-home maintenance. Our licensed staff are on-site to assist in selecting the proper products to help you achieve and maintain your self-care/wellness goals.

We love to hear stories & see pictures of everyone that has used our products in their at-home routine & also those who have visited the spa for more intensive treatments. So, tag us & share your stories with us so we can share with the entire community!

Epidermasters™ can be found @Epidermasters on all social platforms.

We hope that your experience with our products and services will always be one so enjoyable you must talk about!

We’re with you on this wellness journey for life!


Milinda Smith & The Epidermasters™ Team

JessLeeWong with Warm Vanilla & Caramel Lotion  1
EDM Strawberry Lotion
Volume lashes
Warm Towels during facial 1
Milinda Smith in office
JessLeeWong with Warm Vanilla & Caramel Lotion  2
EDM Vanilla Lotion
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